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About Defeat Fire

Thank you for your patience as we are building this website.  We are sorry that you are not able to purchase our products on here yet.  You will have to contact us and we will take care of order right away.

The prices you see on the website are the Retail price.  If you are a RFPA please contact us for your pricing.  Also if you are interested in wholesale pricing please contact us.

Again we are sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your time, consideration and patience.

We started this family owned business when it was brought to attention of the need for a simple but very effective wildfire suppression unit.  Our family has been involved with the RFPA's in Oregon for years and saw first hand how a unit such as these are essential for a rancher or homeowner to have as their first line of defense with a wildfire.  
These units slip on the bed of a truck, hummer, trailer or utv and much more.  They are easy to operate but are made with high quality components.

These units can be custom made to your specifications.  Our goal is to provide a unit that fits your needs.  Please contact us for more information and nay needs you have.  We look forward to working with you.

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